Openrat ist ein Content-Management-System, welches statische Seiten in einem Dateisystem veröffentlicht.


OpenRat is a free Content-Management-System. Learn more about Openrat or try a download.


Switching to Mercurial

CVS was replaced by the Mercurial DVCS. Now you are able to checkout the latest version with hg clone static-

Latest Release

OpenRat is available at Download the file openrat-latest-snapshot for the latest version.

There is an debian package available. Append

deb ./

to your /etc/apt/sources.list. An apt-get install openrat installs OpenRat.


Support for Open-Id

OpenRat supports Authorization with Open-Id. OpenId ist disabled by default, but it is easily activated by a configuration setting in file security.ini.php.

Forum and bugtracker


OpenRat supports webDAV.


OpenRat includes the CK-Editor.


A demo of OpenRat CMS is available, please login with "admin" and "admin".